Noranoie 0x00

October 23, 2017 2 Min

I decided to write down this project development log, the goal is record issue or others problems in the developing, I must say the data source is chaos, for open data, it have a long time to go in Taiwan.

What is this project? it’s about stray animals project, I gathering data from here, the data is about stray animals, it’s no more euthanasia in Taiwan, the rule of law was start at 2017/02/06, no more animals dies just because it have no owner, it’s cool, but it made shelter over load, more stray animals in the one shelter, more stray animals still waiting a owner, in this time I found someone developed application, but I found some issues too, here has two application about this open data, but all for Android device, not support iOS and browser, well, I have found one website for this open data, but the url is redirect to a pet supplies website, look likes a gimmicky.

Why named Noranoie(野良の家)? the idea comes from Japanese 海の家(Uminoie), Uminoie provides drink, food and locker room…etc, 野良(Nora) it means stray, so I named this project is Noranoie, I wish make a friendly website, it will support all platform, include mobile device, do not need install any application, anyone can easy to find stray animals.

That’s all, if you have any question, leave a comment please, thanks!